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Cut flowers, bouquets, dried flowers, buckets and more buckets!

The flowers from Coombe Bissett Blooms are all grown by me, Caroline Welfare. Most are grown outdoors in my cutting garden and subject to all the English weather can throw at them. Raised from seed, the plants are given all they need to be strong and healthy without the use of pesticides. I love seeing the bees at work, they certainly enjoy the blooms too.

The first of the blooms start in March (normally ready for Mothers' Day) with all the beautiful spring bulbs and flowers. The bouquets are put together with the wonderful fresh foliage from the season. Then on to early summer with the main crops of perennials such as lupins and peonies. In the height of summer come the annuals and a riot of colour from deep blue cornflowers and larkspur through to the delicate heads of Queen Ann's Lace.   

By August its the start of dahlia season, these will continue on until the first frosts and boy do we love them! Coupled with Statice, Helichrysum and Salvia can make for knock out colour. 

Come the end of November and after the last of the Chrysanthemum have been cut, its time to look at Christmas preparations. The willow wreath workshops, kits and finished wreaths will certainly keep me busy. 

I also offer dried flowers, picked and dried from my flower patch and arranged into bouquets. The colours are so beautiful and will last for many years. 

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